~ unfortunately, it’s impossible…



~ by ~Aisling on May 16, 2013.

8 Responses to “~ unfortunately, it’s impossible…”

  1. I’d say it’s possible. Save the life of ONE person, and you’ve changed the world… well, at least you’ve left it different than the way you came into it. 😉

    • yes, you’re right.But ONE person is not enough for me :(( But I’m sure, one day I will understand this!! :)))) Thanks for commenting!!! :))) Have a nice day!!! xx

  2. Why impossible? Think of it this way, every single thing that you do ripples out into the world infinitely. If you are kind to someone, you don’t only affect them, but the people they interact with, and the people those people interact with, and so on, forever. You are powerful and are changing the world all the time. Don’t five up on your idealism. Please/

    • oh, thank you! ^.^ Yeah, I feel myself strong and enthusiastic,so maybe I can do something which makes someone or something better. I promise, I won’t give it up!!! :)) thanks for commenting!! have a nice day!!! xx

  3. This is such a cool post!!

  4. No it isn’t !!!! In fact, the only possible way is to do it. (full stop!) The only limitation we have is the fact that we think we have limitations. And, by the way, you already ARE creating a better world, through your blog. You go, girl ! 🙂

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