~ daisy *-*



~ by ~Aisling on June 1, 2013.

23 Responses to “~ daisy *-*”

  1. sweet photo! 🙂 what camera u using?

    • thank you! 🙂 I have a really simple Nikon Coolpix L810.
      Have a nice day!!! xx

      • really? wow u got some skills girl. thought u wer using a dslr with a macro lens 😛
        Haha yea u have a nice day too

      • haha, no. I wish I had a dslr with macro lens!! *-*
        I bought this Nikon in January, and I took photos for half a year.
        I’m glad you the photo!!! ^.^ 🙂

      • nice half a year nd ur already posting good photos. haha well i guess ur doing quite well with ur nikon so no need for a dslr yet haha. keep up the nice photos!!

      • Thank you!! ^.^ and I will keep it up!! 🙂

  2. hallo Aisling, thank you for stopping at my blog and following
    I Love your blog nice and cool

  3. That is so special. I always like daisies.

  4. Great shot!

  5. very Beautiful photo…!

  6. I love the beauty seen in the simplicity of daisies ❤

  7. My absolute favorite flower – I carried these on my wedding 40 years ago !!

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