~ The truth is rarely pure and never simple. ( Oscar Wilde )



~ by ~Aisling on August 29, 2013.

18 Responses to “~ The truth is rarely pure and never simple. ( Oscar Wilde )”

  1. nice

  2. Hi, Thank you for following my very new blog! I love yours!!!

  3. complicated things are worth seeking 😉

  4. Great color and warmth

  5. How true. Oscar knew a thing or two about that.

  6. Your work, thoughts, insight, and spirit is spilled beautifully over this blog. I am blessed to have come into your work, and you can be sure I’ll be following!

    • ahh, thank you very very much!!! I’m so happy you like my blog!!! *-* Thank you!! 🙂 thanks for commenting! 😉 🙂 xx

      • You are so welcome! I love to comment maybe more than I love to recieve comments! (This does NOT mean stop commenting, plllease!) I actually go through my reader first, before I look at my own comments. I love to look into the beauty and life that exists in others, and I feel humbled that I can hopefully encourage people.

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