Did you know?



~ by ~Aisling on January 11, 2015.

8 Responses to “Did you know?”

  1. I totally agree! And thanks for liking my blog, How to Be a Better Human.

  2. Reblogged this on How to Be a Better Human and commented:
    As I read my comments and follows today to recent posts, I came across this. I had to share this bit of wisdom, which will stand in place of today’s Daily Divination. Interconnection is the guiding force of our world, which sadly modern people have forgotten. However, it is vital, as the world gets smaller and resources get scarcer, for every one of us to educate ourselves and begin thinking this way. Do not think you are “Just one person, what does it matter what I do?” It matters, because if every “one person” changed their behavior, the whole world would change. Just think about it. Blessings on your Sunday!

  3. Very interesting.

  4. Very true. But even than it will not get better for humans, since there is no perfection in this world.

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